Residence permit for the purpose of family reunification

Are you relocating to Hungary together with your family members?

Working abroad often means relocating not only the employees, but also their families. Non-EEA citizens, who are family members of non-EEA citizens can apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification for their stay in Hungary.

A relative with their own right of residence (e.g. a residence permit for the purpose of employment, permanent residence, or even a residence permit for study or other purposes) is the supporter of the family.

EXCEPTION: A residence permit for the purpose of family reunification cannot be issued to a family member of a non-EEA citizen who lives and works in Hungary as a digital nomad and holds a White Card.

It is important that if a family member decides during their stay in Hungary that they want to take up work, then it is necessary to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of working, because the residence permit for the purpose of family reunification does not entitle its holder to work!

According to the legal regulation the following relations count as family, in aspect of the family member residence permit application:

  • spouse (the “spouse” family member category also includes registered life partnership according to Act XXIX of 2009 among persons of the same sex)
  • minor child who is the child of the supporter or the spouse, or the joint child of the couple (including adopted and foster children)

The validity of the permit for the purpose of family reunification

The maximum period of validity of a family member’s residence permit is determined by law in such a way that it cannot be longer than:

  • the validity of the supporter’s permit (which differs depending on the type of permit), as well as
  • the validity of the applicant’s passport.

Requirements for a complete residence permit application:

  • correctly filled application form
  • document verifying family relations
  • documents proving financial means
  • proof of accommodation in Hungary
  • valid health insurance
  • paid application fee

The family relations must be proven in all cases with valid authority documents from the country of origin, for example marriage or birth certificates, excerpt of civil database. Depending of the issuing country, the documents may require diplomatic authentiation and should be translated to Hungarian.

Submission of the application

In the case of a citizen of a country from where visa is required to travel to Hungary, the first residence permit application should be submitted in person at the Hungarian consulate in the country of origin or residence.

If you are a citizen of a country from where visa is not required to travel to Hungary and entered Hungary as a tourist, you can file your first application online via the website of the immigration office called EnterHungary. If you are already in Hungary and extending your permit, your application for extension should also be submitted online.

The application for family reunification residence permit can be submitted together with the supporter’s residence permit application, or any time afterwards.

Hungarian citizens' family members

Non-EEA citizen family members of Hungarian citizens may also apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification. In this case, the rules are somewhat different, both with regard to the application procedure and the employment of the family member in Hungary.

Official information on the application process, the necessary forms and application fees you can find on the immigration office’s website.

If you would like to have our assistance with the full administration of the application processes, do not hesitate to contact our office using the contact details on the website.

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