Destination Services

We take the load off our Clients’ shoulders and ensure a smooth relocation for Expats and their families. Our destination services are a great advantage both for Employees and Companies. We have the proper experience both in processing property related issues and in fulfilling other needs relating to settlement and long term stay.

Based on our many years of experience, we know that families, couples, and singles have different expectations. Therefore, our destination services are planned and organized according to the previously agreed requirements of our Clients.

During the accompanied orientation tour our Clients’ get useful information about Hungary and Hungarian culture and local habits, we also visit residential and touristic areas. Each program is organized according to the previously agreed requirements of the foreign employee and his/her family

  • Orientation & Home search: The tour contains introduction about residential areas and potential property visits. Furthermore, we visit healthcare institutions, shopping facilities, leisure and sport facilities, etc.
  • Kindergarten and school search: During our accompanied visits to the pre-selected institutions, we provide support in introduction and enrolment.
  • Thematic tours:  During our tour we guide you through major spectacular places, parks, market-halls etc.

May you need short- or long-term accommodation we provide unique and effective home search assistance by presenting a list of sample properties based on your preferences and provide continuous support in tenancy management.

  • Long-short term accommodation: After pre-selection of properties, we provide support in price negotiation, contract preparation, property inspection, revision of the inventory and hand over process. 
  • Tenancy Management: We provide continuous support in communication with the Landlord and in lease agreement extension, modification and lease cancellation. 
  • Utility connection: With your permission, we fully arrange utility connection administration on your behalf.
  • Parking permit: With your permission we fully arrange parking permit administration on your behalf.
  • Media connection: We provide support in contracting installing media connections such as internet, cable TV, telephone, cell phone, satellite TV, etc. Furthermore, we provide support in ordering alarm system.
  • General household support: We can find domestic staff support such as cleaning lady, babysitter, gardener etc.

  • We provide continuous support for our Clients’ to ease their daily life. Below you can find a list of possible services, should you have other needs please contact us. 

    • Health care assistance: We provide information about possible healthcare insurances. Furthermore, we can help to find medical specialists, make appointment and accompany to institution.
    • Insurance bounding: We provide support in bounding insurance of vehicles, properties, personal belongings etc.
    • Bank arrangement: We provide support in opening and closing bank accounts or “SZEP” card.
    • Police administration: We provide language support in reporting on lost documents, theft, car accidents etc.
    • Language course assistance: We help in enrolment to language courses.
    • Postal redirection: We can fully arrange postal redirection on your behalf.

In Hungary, many obligations must be met in connection with the operation of the vehicle. Settlers Relocation helps with the processes in accordance with the regulations. The related services cover the movement of the vehicle and all administrative parts

  • Vehicle registration. If you move to Hungary for more than three months and bring your car with you, you must register your car and pay the related taxes.
  • Vehicle technical examination. The vehicle’s technical exam must be renewed periodically. 
  • Additional support. Purchasing and selling of used vehicles; Car insurance; Export documents and license plate.