Authority matters

In order to keep our clients’ burdens to a minimum, Settlers can provide support in all authority matters required for Expats’ legal residence and work in Hungary. If possible, we handle matters with power of attorney, so our clients only have to visit the Authorities when inevitable.

Below you can find a summary of the most common Authority matters we provide assistance. Should you need assistance with any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Social security numbers are referred to in Hungary as “TAJ” numbers. To enroll in the Hungarian social security system, it is mandatory to have a TAJ number. To be eligible for public health care the TAJ number must be activated by paying social security contributions.  

  • TAJ number: is needed for those who are enrolled in the Hungarian social security system, once the number is issued it remains the same 
  • TAJ card: is a proof of valid social security coverage and should be presented to get medical assistance
  • European Social Security card (EHIC): makes its holder eligible for medical treatment in the EEA. Only permanent EEA residents are entitled for this card in case they have social security coverage
  • A1 certificate: is needed for Employees assigned in the EEA , it is necessary to prove social security coverage from the sending country

For taxation in Hungary, customers must register at the Tax Authority to get their tax ID number. The number identifies the taxpayer in the governmental system, and it is also required to establish employment.

  • Tax ID number and tax card: is needed for private individuals to declare and pay income taxes. In case parents are receiving family tax deduction, tax ID is needed for children as well
  • VPID number: is needed for customs proceeding, such as shipping household items from overseas or taking a car to Hungary
  • Tax certificates: certify the taxpayers income, the amount of tax paid, debts, or the fact that there is no debt towards the authority

Employers must report each employment start and end to the Authorities – even if no permit is required. Settlers can fully complete the reporting duty on a company’s behalf.

  • Reporting of employment start / end towards the Labour Office: required for Employees who do not need a permit for working
  • Reporting of employment start / end towards the Immigration Office: required for residence permit holders and registered EEA nationals
  • Posting reporting: required for Employees appointed from one EEA country to another for the purpose of working. The fact of the posting shall be reported to the receiving country’s relevant Authority. Settlers can support their Clients with the reporting not only in Hungary, but in each EEA country.

Settlers supports t Clients with other administrative matters such as: 

  • Non-criminal certificate: The certificate is issued based on the data managed in the Hungarian criminal record system, upon request.
  • Family allowance application: We can assist to determine which allowance you are eligible to apply and manage the application for you.
  • Ügyfélkapu registration: We can support you with registration at the Hungarian e-administration system, called Ügyfélkapu.
  • Naturalisation of driving license: According to the legal regulations foreign driving licenses can be used in Hungary for limited time and must be naturalised eventually. Based on the country of origin of the license you may also have to complete a driving exam. Settlers offers assistance from the beginning of the process onwards, we help determine the necessary steps, prepare and submit the application and acquire the license for you.