White Card – digital nomads in Hungary

In recent years, the number of digital nomads has increased significantly. According to estimates, more than 30 million people worldwide pursue this way of life. Their most popular destinations are the countries of the Far East, but more and more countries in Europe are also introducing a type of permit that enables this form of residence for third-country nationals.

In Central Europe, in addition to the Czech Republic and Croatia, Hungary is also a popular destination. The White Card, specially created for digital nomads, can be applied for since 2022, with more than 600 such applications submitted already in the first year.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the White Card issued by hungary is that it is currently sufficient to prove a monthly income of EUR 2000, while this amount is much higher in other European countries with a similar cost of living. In the Czech Republic, the required monthly income is approx. 2700 EUR, and in Croatia approx. 2500 EUR. In addition, Hungary – especially Budapest – is popular due to its low cost of living, safe environment and advanced infrastructure. With its impressive architecture and rich history, the city offers an excellent mix of work and leisure for digital nomads.

A White Card can be obtained by those who have an employment relationship or an ownership stake in a profitably operating company in a country outside of Hungary, and who carry out their work or manage their business online from Hungary.

In case the Digital Nomad is working for a Hungarian company, depending on the circumstances a residence permit for the purpose of working or gainful activity should be acquired.

The main criteria for applying for this type of permit:

  • It can be applied for a maximum of one year, which can be extended by another year
  • Its owner can work from Hungary, but cannot work for a Hungarian employer
  • Foreign employment or business ownership should be proven
  • Income of at least EUR 2,000 per month in the six months prior to entry should be proven, which must be available throughout your stay in Hungary
  • The existence of accommodation and health insurance must be substantiated

The holder of the White Card must stay in Hungary for at least 90 days within any 180 days, otherwise the card will be revoked.

If you need help applying for a White Card, contact our office using the contact details on the website.

Official information on the application process, the necessary forms and application fees you can find on the immigration office’s website.