Living in Hungary with a residence permit for the purpose of working

Residence permit for the purpose of working

Living and working in Hungary for non EU nationals

Do you plan to come to Hungary for working for more than 90 days? If so and you are a citizen of non EU country, you need a residence permit for the purpose of working. This document is granting the right of stay and work for its holder.

The permit is not a general permission to work in Hungary, it is issued by the authoirty for a specific company, designated job position, and place of work. For the purpose of work, foreigners can only apply for a permit based on a specific job offer.

The maximum validity period of the permit is 2 years, which can be continuously extended.

Depending on the position to be filled, an official Hungarian translation of the relevant school certificate may be required. This translation can be prepared in Hungary by the National Translation Office (OFFI).

Requirements for a complete residence permit application:

  • correctly filled application form
  • document verifying the employment relationship, as well as a certificate of education and qualifications
  • documents proving financial means
  • proof of accommodation in Hungary
  • valid health insurance
  • paid application fee

Foreigners working in Hungary can also bring their family members with them. The authority issues residence permits for family reunification purposes to family members based on the employee’s (supporter’s) residence permit for employment purposes.

In the case of a citizen of a a country from where visa is required to travel to Hungary, the first residence permit application should be submitted in person at the Hungarian consulate in the country of origin or residence.

If you are a citizen of a country from where visa is not required to travel to Hungary and entered Hungary as a tourist, you can file your first application online via the website of the immigration office called EnterHungary. If you are already in Hungary and extending your permit, your application for extension should also be submitted online.

There are exceptions and special cases where the procedure differs slightly from the above. During our administration, we examine the circumstances in each case and identify the appropriate application procedure.

Official information on the application process, the necessary forms and application fees you can find on the immigration office’s website.

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