Welcome to our renewed website

I am pleased to welcome you to our renewed website!


The life of Settlers Relocation Kft. has undergone many changes, big or small, in recent years, so we felt it was time for the company’s image to reflect them.

I would like to show both our existing and future customers the values that guide our operations. I am proud that in more than 25 years of our existence, we have managed to preserve and nurture them continuously, in addition to the fact that we have successfully adapted to changes in the world by developing our organization and IT system.

The key to our success is our team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

There are colleagues who have been working at Settlers since the beginning and many of them are employed with the company for more than 10 years.

We place great emphasis on continuous training and the development of our colleagues’ professional and personal skills. As a lawyer, I have specialized in immigration administration for more than 23 years and I have been trying to strengthen the team with my professional knowledge for so many years now. Our many decades of experience in our entire range of services have accumulated an exceptional level of professional knowledge.

In addition to continuous professional development, we consider team building programs important, thanks to which we work in a truly family atmosphere and by creating a family-friendly workplace, we try to ensure that our colleagues maintain a work-life balance.

Our aim is not only to provide professional service to our clients and partners, but also to strengthen personal relationships. In addition, we have developed very good cooperation with the authorities over the years.

Our efficient, customer-oriented work organization enables us to deal with cases quickly and efficiently without generating unnecessary costs.

I believe that our work is truly a value that makes life easier for all our partners and customers.

We are happy to support both individuals and companies, so if you need relocation support anywhere in the country, please feel free to contact us.


dr. Szilvia Varga

Managing director