Need a reliable partner as an HR specialist?

Our comprehensive and professional services make the process of onboarding foreign colleagues a smooth experience both for employees and HR partners. We take the burden of having to keep up with legal regulations and changes off your shoulders and arrange the necessary steps taking as little effort from you as possible.

If you are considering hiring foreign colleagues, we are here to support the process from the first steps onwards, throughout the whole employment period.

During the past decades Settlers assisted a wide range of companies including big multinational corporations and small, local businesses as well, with various profiles and backgrounds.

What do we add to the process?

  • Individual evaluation of each case, so we can identify the required permits, ensure compliance with legal regulations and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • We maintain up-to-date information on legislation changes and we inform you on news affecting your expat wokforce.
  • Our management software has a partner interface, where you can track the most important details
  • Each time-bound case is registered in our monitoring system, which ensures that our customers are notified in due time before the expiration date.
  • Reporting according to your needs.
  • We assist our clients during the whole administrative process, provide the necessary updates and insight, prepare and collect all documents required for the cases
  • With our wide range of services we help to ease the relocation process of your foreign colleagues and their families – and this is an easing for you, too.
  • Your foreign colleagues can contact us directly.

Did you know, that hiring a foreign colleague means additional administrative tasks in every single case?

Even if your foreign colleague can be employed without a separate permit, additional (compared to Hungarian employees) administrative steps must be completed. If you entrust us with managing these matters, we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance with legislation.

HR professionals of numerous multinational companies can certify our competence, as you can convince yourself of in the References.

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