Informations regarding the border closure

Dear Clients, We would like to inform you about the current situation regarding the border closure ordered by the Hungarian Government. From 16/03/2020, 12 midnight during […]

Changes affecting UK citizens after BREXIT

As known the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union took place in an orderly manner on 31st January 2020. After departure, in relation […]

Employment with delegated status has been changed

Dear Visitors, We would like to inform you on certain future changes in the labor authorities’ processes concerning applications for merged residence permits of third countries’ […]

The payment method of administrative service fee is changed at Immigration and Asylum Office

Dear Visitors, We kindly inform you that the use of revenue stamps is ceased from 1st January 2018 in the procedures of the Immigration and Asylum […]

Administrative service fee – Ukrainian citizens

Dear Clients,   We kindly inform you that based on effective legal regulations, Ukrainian citizens are exempted of payment of the administrative service fee in the […]

Legislation change

Legislation change   In June 2017 the list of job positions for which Ukrainian and Serbian citizens do not need work permits in Hungary has been […]

Data reconciliation is required for subscribers with existing prepaid agreements until 30 June 2017.

Subscribers of prepaid SIM cards have only 1 month left for data reconciliation with their service providers, otherwise their agreements will be terminated according to Rules […]

The visa regime between the European Union and Ukraine changes

The visa waiver for Ukrainian citizens will enter into force from the middle of June 2017. Ukrainians who hold a biometric passport will be able to […]

Hungarian Government finishes issuing residency bonds

On the basis of the Hungarian government decision in the future there will be no option to obtain a permanent residence card by buying residency bonds. […]

Operating vehicles by third country citizens

Dear Clients, We are frequently asked about operating vehicles by third country citizens. We would like to inform our Partners that because of an amendment in […]

Our contact have been changed!

Dear Client, Our Company, Settlers Relocation Ltd. moved into a new office. The address remains unchanged but building A instead of B. located on the 4th […]

The Labour Code will be modified again

Dear Visitor, The new Civil Law came into effect on 15. March 2014. With this, several hundreds of legal regulations had also been modified, and among […]

Change in foreign policy legislation

Dear Partner, On first of January 2014, essential legislation changes shall come into effect regarding permit application process for third country citizens performing activities in Hungary […]

Foreign driving licenses in Hungary has been changed

With some of our clients’ inconvenient experienes in view, we would like to draw our visitors’ attention to the fact, that the legal regulation (government decree […]

Obtaining national settling permit

We would like to inform you this way, that our company undertakes obtaining ”other purpose residence permits issued with regard to national economic interests”. The prerequisite […]

Moving of pets

From 1 October 2004, the so-called ‘pet passport’ makes transport of pets within the EU easier. Each cat and dog has to possess this passport, which […]

Documents that the expat should take along

Passport, or in case of EEA citizens, the personal identification document. For citizens of third countries it is important that the passport should remain valid at […]

Residence in Hungary

In the possession of valid personal identification documents or a passport, the citizens of EEA countries may enter Hungary and reside in the territory of the […]

Employment in Hungary

Foreign citizens may work only with meeting specified requirements in Hungary. As a rule of thumb, employment requires a permit. There are exceptions in connection partly […]
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