About us

Our team

SETTLERS Relocation’s team of 14 consists of graduated experts who are on-goingly trained in all aspects of the application procedures Our colleagues speak English, German and French, Spanish and Chinese.

Reasons why it is worth choosing us when you move to Hungary

  • You save time and inconveniences with us. So you can fully dedicate yourself to business issues.
  • We prepare all permit applications by deadline and in harmony with the legal regulations.
  • We track changes in legal regulations and we regularly inform our clients on them.
  • Beyond administration, we also offer advising for our clients.
  • Confidential handling of information trusted with us is granted.
  • We have ISO9001 qualification.
  • Our colleagues are highly educated experts speaking English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.
  • We have an established system of contacts.
  • We are member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA).

Reasons why it is worth choosing us when you are an HR professional

  • We maintain up-to-date information on legislation changes and we inform you on news affecting your activities.
  • We send you weekly or monthly reports on current processes.
  • We collect or prepare all documents required for permits and we provide full-scale assistance.
  • We notify you on necessity of extension of permits 3 months before their expiry.
  • Your foreign colleagues can contact us directly.
  • We help to ease the new life of your foreign colleagues and their families – and this is an easing for you, too.
  • HR professionals of numerous multinational companies can certify our competence, as you can convince yourself of in the References.
You have a solid idea? Share it with us and we send an accurate offer for you.