Destination Services

Property search

We have the proper experience both in processing property related issues and in fulfilling other needs relating to settlement. We have property market partners with significant expertise, and due to this, we provide unique home search services, so we help you to receive really what you want to. Based on our many years’ experience, we know that families, couples and singles have different expectations. Our goal is to find properties that completely meet our clients’ ideas.

Why are we unique?
  • We uniquely strive for clear perception of our clients’ needs.
  • We lay stress on international and local processing with enforcement of individual expectations and interests of our clients.
  • Moving and property related issues are managed by the same person.

Settling Support Program

Orientation (the fee depends on the number of days)
  • Sampling presentation of properties (different property types, advices, aspects to be considered when selecting a property)
  • Presenting shopping centers of the area to that our client wants to move
  • Presenting international schools and kindergartens – upon request
  • City tour, major spectacular places and parks
  • Healthcare and dental institutions – upon request
  • Presentation of sport facilities
  • Meals in local restaurants
  • Presenting competent international organizations
  • Special programs (Budapest retro, market-halls of Budapest)
Property search, finding the ideal home (free service)
  • Preparing an offer based on our client’s needs.
  • Visiting properties with maps and peculiar information.
  • Price negotiation and contract preparation, representation of the company’s interests.
  • Management of property handing over.
Support after moving-in
  • General household help: cleaning woman, nurse, telephone line, application for Internet connection, etc.
  • Verification, covering previously agreed works relating the property.
  • Orientation help.
You have a solid idea? Share it with us and we send an accurate offer for you.