Extension of the asylum status of Ukrainian citizens

The validity period of the document certifying the identity and right of residence of Ukranian citizens as asylum seekers stated in the government decree 58/2023. (II.28.) […]

Changes in immigration office administration fees

According to the 28/2007. (V.31.) IRM Decree, the immigration office’s administrative fees will change significantly from 22 January 2022. For the most common types of applications, […]

Information on the eligibility and application for vaccination card

We hereby inform you that foreign citizens who have a residence permit/registration card issued in Hungary are entitled to apply for a Hungarian vaccination card in […]

Information about changing in connection of entry restrictions – 21/09/2020

With effect of 21/09/2020, the government has modified the quarantine regulations of Government Decree No. 408/2020: The duration of quarantine has been reduced from 14 days […]