Quality policy

The objective of SETTLERS RELOCATION Ltd. is to preserve its market leading position with its services supporting employment and settling of foreign citizen employees of large international companies operating in Hungary. The mission of our quality control system established according to the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is to provide support in reaching the above objective by maintaining and improving of our services’ quality.

With leading edge technical support, we organize our processes for effective and secure data management, timely and reliable services with on-going information supply for our clients. Our principle is, that our services represent added value for our customers, if the administration undertaken by SETTLERS RELOCATION Ltd.  saves time and inconvenience. So, the key of our service quality is seamless performance by the undertaken deadline on one hand, and continuously keeping our clients’ interests in view, as well as attentive communication with them, on the other hand.

In order to maintain our service quality, we are focusing on:

  • systematic performance and on-going tracking of our assignments,
  • informing our clients and providing useful information for them,
  • education and training of our associates, up-to-date knowledge of the legal regulations.

Although we keep on adapting to our ever changing environment and its requests by maintaining lawfulness and balance, our philosophy has not been changing since years:

Through professionalism, precision and personal care we are making every effort to gain our clients’ long-term satisfaction and this way to maintain and improve our clientele.

Budapest, 01. January. 2017


Dr. Katalin Varga

general manager

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