Changes in immigration office administration fees
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Changes in immigration office administration fees

According to the 28/2007. (V.31.) IRM Decree, the immigration office’s administrative fees will change significantly from 22 January 2022. For the most common types of applications, the fees change as follows:

  • Residence permit – first application, personal submission: 18.000 HUF > 39.000 HUF
  • Residence permit – first application, electronic submission: 18.000 HUF > 24.000 HUF
  • Residence permit – extension, personal submission: 10.000 HUF > 35.000 HUF
  • Residence permit – extension, electronic submission: 10.000 HUF > 23.000 HUF
  • Residence permit – consular first application: 60 EUR > 110 EUR

The full list is available on the Immigration Office’s website at:

In connection with the increase, the amount of administrative fee is higher when submitting applications in person than in the case of electronic submission.

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