Information about changing in connection of entry restrictions – 01/09/2020
Information about changing in connection of entry restrictions
Information about changing in connection of entry restrictions – 07/09/2020

Information about changing in connection of entry restrictions – 01/09/2020

With effective date of 01. September 2020, the Hungarian government has ordered the following important measures by the government decree rules published in Magyar Közlöny on 30. 08. 2020:

  • Border control will come into effect at the entire length of inner borders.
  • Persons not possessing Hungarian citizenship may not enter Hungary via passenger traffic – the government decree provides exemption from this entry restriction in certain cases.

The following persons will be considered equally with Hungarian citizens and may enter Hungary:

1.  Persons entitled to permanently reside in Hungary and their family members, provided that they prove this with a document.

2.  Persons possessing valid permits to reside in Hungary longer than 90 days, issued by the Immigration Office for any legal title, valid for the territory of Hungary, and present the relevant document at the border.

3.  Family members of Hungarian citizens.

4.  Persons linked to sport organizations and sport events defined in the government decree.

Entry of non-Hungarian citizens may be permitted by the competent police authorities upon request and based on the exemptions listed in the government decree – for example for purposes of studies, participation at family events, nursing relatives -, or, beyond the taxatively listed exemptions, in case of specifying other respectable reasons.

During entry to Hungary, the person arriving from abroad may be medically checked, and is obliged to tolerate this.

a) If the medical check results in suspicion of infection, the checked person will be placed in a dedicated quarantine, or – if it doesn’t involve epidemiological risks – in officially ordered home quarantine.

b) If the medical check doesn’t result in suspicion of infection, and the person arriving from abroad has a dwelling place or residence in Hungary, the person shall be obliged to stay in home quarantine, and in lack of dwelling place or residence, in a quarantine specified by the competent epidemiological authorities.

By request of the person being in quarantine, the competent epidemiological authorities may allow that within 5 days and with a difference of at least 48 hours, the person may take part two times in performing SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests. In possess of two negative test results, the competent epidemiological authority may cancel the home quarantine.

Leading officers and employees of affiliated companies may enter Hungary without restrictions from the territories of any countries.

In case of commuters, citizens of neighboring countries and Hungarian citizens living there may enter Hungary within 30 km from the Hungarian state border, for maximum 24 hours. Hungarian citizens living within the 30 km strip from the Hungarian state border may enter from the territories of neighbouring countries without restrictions, if their stay in the foreign country did not exceed 24 hours, and they didn’t leave the 30 km strip from the border in that country.

Effect of the government decree does not cover those, who can authentically prove that thaey came through the COVID-19 disease within 6 months from the date of applying for entrance to Hungary.

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