Information about more strict policies regarding entry permit applications
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Information about more strict policies regarding entry permit applications

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Dear Clients,

The general Chief of Police set up more strict rules in connection of submission of entry permit application in an order taking effect on the 13th of May. The reason of the severity is the highly grown number of the entry permit applications which were submitted often incompletely and without acceptable justification.

The entry permit applications have to fulfil strict formal and content requirements and can be submitted only through the platforms identified by the general Chief of Police. The order grant the possibility to submit the application through third party based on conclusive authorisation.

The order limits the reasons which can be accepted in case of entry permits. The reason given for equity shall be proved with a certificate issued by the competent authority.

The following reasons can be used for equity:

  • getting health care support
  • attending examinations based on official student certificate
  • attending funeral of a close relative
  • enter in connection of carrier/transport activity
  • taking part in court proceeding, where personal attendance is requested
  • other reasons for travel which can be proved by official invitation letter issued by the relevant authority

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