Changes affecting UK citizens after BREXIT
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Changes affecting UK citizens after BREXIT

As known the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union took place in an orderly manner on 31st January 2020. After departure, in relation of citizens of the United Kingdom and their third country citizen family members, the process regulations are the following:

Until 31st December 2020

  • citizens of the United Kingdom can still apply for registration card.
  • their third country citizen family members are entitled to apply for residence cards in the above case.

The registration cards and residence cards (permanent residence cards) issued until 31/12/2020 will remain valid for 3 years from the date of the BREXIT, together with the plastic address cards, which means, citizens of the United Kingdom shall keep their domestic status until 31/01/2023

After 31st December 2020 the following regulations shall expectedly take effect based on the Draft Act No. LXXXVII. of 2019:

A) With registration card, residence card and permanent residence card

  • Citizens of the United Kingdom possessing registration cards or permanent residence cards will have 3 years to change their residence documents into national settling permits.
  • When submitting the national settling permit application, the prerequisite is that the applicant should have been residing in Hungary for at least 3 years, and during these 3 years, the applicant has not spent more than 270 days outside Hungary.
  • The Office applies the national settling permit with a simplified process, judgment period of the application is 30 days.
  • The family member, who joins the UK citizen in Hungary within three years following the date of departure, may get a national settling permit with a simplified process, if the UK citizen is already settled, and the family connection has been established before the date of departure.

B) New arrivals

  • The UK citizen employed in Hungary must apply for a merged residence permit (can be issued for 2 years and can be extended)
  • The family members can apply for family member purpose residence permits which can be issued until the validity date of the supporter’s permit, for maximum 2 years.

With this type of residence permits, UK citizens shall get an accommodation registration sheet stamped by the Directorate General for Aliens Policing, instead of a plastic address card. This means, that UK citizens will not receive domestic status. Relating health services in Hungary, the regulations concerning third country citizens shall prevail.

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