Obtaining national settling permit
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Obtaining national settling permit

We would like to inform you this way, that our company undertakes obtaining ”other purpose residence permits issued with regard to national economic interests”. The prerequisite for this is the purchase of government bonds in value of EUR 250,000.

The Office issues its decision on the application out of turn, within 8 days. Legal representation is mandatory during the process.

Six months after issuing the other purpose residence permit, the  foreign citizen may apply for national settling permit. The single certification required for this is the certification on subscription of government bonds in the value of EUR 250,000. The Office automatically issues the settling permit with an unlimited validity period; the processing time is 3 months. This permit entitles the foreign citizen also for traveling within the Schengen area.

The term of this government bond is five years, after five years, the 250,000 EUR will be refunded to the foreign citizen. However, according to the actual regulations, he/she can keep the national settled status.

Based on the other purpose residence permit issued with regard to national economic interests, as well as based on the national settling permit, the family members are also entitled for the residence permits (for family consolidation purposes) and national residence permits, too. In case of national settling permit applications for spouses, the criterion is that the date of the marriage must be at least two years earlier than the submisson date of the application.

Government bonds for citizens of the following countries:

– Algeria
– Arab Republic of Egypt
– Bahrain
– Belarus
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– China
– Georgia
– Iran
– Iraq
– Jordan
– Kuwait
– Lebanon
– Libya
– Montenegro
– Morocco
– Oman
– Qatar
– Russia
– Serbia
– Tunisia
– Turkmenistan
– Saudi Arabia
– Syria
– Ukrain
– Vietnam
– Yemen

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