Moving of pets
Documents that the expat should take along
Obtaining national settling permit

Moving of pets

From 1 October 2004, the so-called ‘pet passport’ makes transport of pets within the EU easier. Each cat and dog has to possess this passport, which is an accepted proof of the fact that the pet has received a vaccination against rabies. This passport also includes other information on previous medical treatments and check-ups.

Within the EU, the ‘pet passport’ can be applied for at any vet who is entitled to vaccinate against rabies. The appearance and wording of such a passport is uniform throughout the entire EU.

As per EU regulation, besides the pet passport, the pet should provide a well and clearly legible tattoo or an electronic identification system (microchip). From the effective date of the regulation (03. July 2004), such a tattoo shall be deemed acceptable over an eight year transition period, but after that, only the microchip identification shall be accepted.

At present, in addition to the above, people traveling with pets to Ireland, Sweden, Malta or United Kingdom are required to present a test certificate performed after vaccination against rabies in order to check whether the vaccination has proven effective.

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