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Residence in Hungary

In the possession of valid personal identification documents or a passport, the citizens of EEA countries may enter Hungary and reside in the territory of the Hungarian Republic without any special permits for less than 93 days, and within this period they do not need to have their address registered. When residing longer than 93 days, EEA citizens and their family members have to apply for a registration card (which certifies the authorization for residence) at the relevant Immigration Office.

For reasons of employment, or other income gaining activities, non-EEA citizens and their family members may reside in the territory of the Hungarian Republic only in the possess of a residence permit according to the purpose of residence. Citizens of countries without visa obligation may submit their permit applications also in Hungary , provided that they did not reside in the Schengen area for a period exceeding that of specified in the legal regulations.

Important to know

If employment/delegation of a foreign citizen ends, the employer has to report this both to the relevant Labour Centre and to the Immigration Office. The foreign citizen has the same obligation towards the Immigration Office.

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